As an equal opportunity employer, RPM Technologies is committed to accommodating those of all circumstances and abilities. This pledge extends to our website and other communications, which we strive to ensure are as accessible as possible.

  • To this effect, we have taken the following measures for our web content:
    Aiming to adhere as closely as possible to accessibility best practices, including the Web Content Accessibility 2.0 Guidelines (WCAG), available here for reference: https://www.w3.org/WAI/intro/wcag
  • Alternative text for images and form labels, to allow screen reader users and those with vision impairments to have a more user-friendly site experience.
  • Content and images that can be magnified using standard browser controls.

We audit our accessibility measures periodically, including using accessibility checkers and assistive technology to ensure the design and technical aspects of the site are optimized.

If you have any comments and or suggestions relating to improving the accessibility of our site, please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mailing accessibility@rpmtec.com.


Tips for maximum site Accessibility

To have the best experience of our site, we recommend that you take advantage of all opportunities to increase accessibility and customization that are available. The following are some tips to assist you:

How to Change Text Size:

  • On most browsers, try holding down the Ctrl key and scrolling the mouse wheel (if you have one), or hold down the Ctrl key and at the same time, push the – or + key.
  • In Firefox and Internet Explorer, click the “View” menu, then select “Zoom” and then choose the whether you would like to increase the size (zoom in) or decrease the size (zoom out).
  • In Google Chrome, click the customize button (spanner icon), then select the plus or minus buttons to zoom.


How to Change Colour Contrast:

To change the colour contrast on your computer screen:

  • For Windows computers, click “Start”, then “Control Panel”. Select the “Accessibility Options” icon, select the “Display” tab and select the “Use High Contrast” check box. Select the “Settings” button to browse different colour contrast options.
  • For Mac laptops and desktops, select “System Preferences”, then “Universal Access”. Select the “Seeing” tab and adjust the “Display” section.
    For iOS devices, open the “Settings” icon on your iPhone or iPad, tap “General, and then “Accessibility”. Select “Increase Contrast” and then turn “on or off” any of the optional toggles, as desired.
  • For Android devices, open the “Settings” menu, tap “Accessibility”, and then depending on your preferences turn “on or off” any of the option toggles.

To change the colour contrast of websites on your browser:

  • In Internet Explorer, click “Tools”, then select “Internet options”. From within the “General” tab, click the “Colours” button. Deselect the “Use Windows colours” checkbox and change the colour by selecting the colour swatch. Then, select “Accessibility” within the “Internet options” window and select “Ignore colours specified on web pages”.
  • In Firefox, click “Tools”, then select “Options”. From within the “Colours” tab, click the “Colours” button. Select the appropriate colours from the colour swatch and un-tick the checkbox labeled “Allow pages to choose their own colours, instead of my selections above” and click OK.